God's Golden Acre

Young Zulu Warriors

The Young Zulu Warriors are a young, vibrant and soulful group of Zulu gospel singers and dancers from South Africa. The group has formed at God’s Golden Acre in 2000, and has since dazzled audiences internationally with their foot-stomping, pulsating performances which portray aspects of their lives and homeland. They perform as a group choir which also divides into male- and female- voice choirs.

They first toured the UK in 2002; they won the "Who’s Who Music Competition" in KwaZulu-Natal in December 2006; other prestigious events at which they have performed include: International AIDS Conference in Durban; a show before 40 000 in Johannesburg on National Children’s Day; the opening of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital by invitation of Mr. Mandela himself.

The Young Zulu Warriors are a distinctively African group; members are aged between 10 and 36 years, which gives them  a diverse visual and aural range, and their youthful spirit comes alive on stage and captivates audiences of varying ages and cultures. However, behind their musical prowess lie individual stories of hardship: like millions of others in South Africa, they too have suffered living below the poverty line in a country stricken by AIDS.

The Young Zulu Warriors are a modern- day success story, established in God’s Golden Acre’s care centre for orphaned and abandoned children. Now they use their unique talents before world-wide audiences to raise awareness of the drastic effects of poverty on their people, and to raise funds. Every show by the Warriors is a celebration of the success of God’s Golden Acre, and each performance directly benefits children who are trapped by poverty, as all profits go to the charity.

The musical "Thula Sizwe" (written and directed by Heather Reynolds) has toured alternately in the UK, and in the Netherlands and Germany, several times since 2006.

We are proud to announce that the Young Zulu Warriors are coming back to Europe from December 2012 till January 2013.

They will perform in Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands and in the UK.
See the Variety Concert Video: