God's Golden Acre

Your contribution of 50 Rand per month will bring about lasting change.

  Let us combine our efforts to help those in need

God's Golden Acre was born out of a vision that,  every child should have a home – a home of love, opportunity and hope.  Patrick and I have dedicated the past 19 years of our lives to this cause. We have seen countless lives transformed in ways that defy description or explanation. And yet we are only just beginning!

We invite you to make a small monthly contribution to the work we are doing, and so become a good Samaritan in our hour of need. In so doing you will not only strengthen our existing efforts and provide the platform for further impact, but also sustain God’s Golden Acre at a crucial stage in our history. We have seen for ourselves that change does not come in big steps but only when many move in the same direction. R50 a month will signal your commitment to help us bring about positive change in the lives of these children and their communities. What we invest in the future of a child, we invest in the future of our world.  We also invite you to join our God’s Golden Acre Face Book Community Page, which will keep you up to date on our daily activities.