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God's Golden Acre ’Khayelihle’ Care Center


54 children are loved and cared for in our Cluster Foster Care Centre. The Centre is run by a team of foster parents and caregivers, with support from international volunteers. It is only when every effort to keep children within their extended families has failed that we place them in our Care Centre,. and it is here with us that they are educated and find a loving, caring and nurturing home. Where possible, we try to keep them in touch with any family members through our Outreach project. For some children this is not possible,.

"Khayelihle" means "Beautiful Home" and describes the vision behind God’s Golden Acre. We strive to provide a beautiful, safe home for children who have been orphaned or abandoned. providing for their physical, emotional, educational, medical, and spiritual needs as if they were our biological children. Khayelihle consists of three cluster foster care homes, supported by God’s Golden Acre. Currently, there are 51 children in our Khayelihle family. These children have been directly affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic or related poverty and violence, and range in age from infancy to early adulthood.

The three cluster foster homes are single sex and divided by ages. Several Care Givers and Foster Mothers in each home raise the children in traditional Zulu culture, teach them respect for elders, responsibility, traditional dance and singing, and encourage their Zulu language skills.
The care-givers and foster mothers prepare meals for the children each day, and do the laundry and run the household.

International volunteers assist the Care Givers and Foster Mothers in raising the children. Khayelihle has several children who are HIV positive and require daily medication at specific times as well as monthly hospital trips. The volunteers run the onsite clinic and are diligent in distributing medication and monitoring the health of the children. Other children suffer from chronic illnesses such as Cerebral Palsy and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder that also require daily treatment and constant monitoring. Other volunteer responsibilities include assisting with homework, monitoring playground activity, teaching learning groups, planning activities for the children, developing English language skills, and supervising the younger children while the Care Givers and Foster Mothers attend to the daily chores..

Khayelihle stresses the importance of education for our children. The children all attend English language schools, thanks to the generosity of individual sponsors. We are proud to have six children attending college and university. We have 10 high school students at boarding schools in Pietermaritzburg, and four others who commute daily to Pietermaritzburg as there is no high school in Cato Ridge.

Khayelihle could not exist without sponsorship from individuals and corporations. There are two types of private sponsorship available; general and educational sponsorship: 

General sponsorship covers part of the day-to-day running costs of Khayelihle, such as food, electricity, salaries, and fuel. These sponsors also have direct, personal contact with their children through letters, cards, gifts, and phone calls. While most of the general sponsors pay R300 per month, any amount is appreciated and needed. The total running cost, per month, works out at R2350 for each child.
Educational sponsorship covers school fees, stationery, uniforms, boarding (if applicable), and fuel costs for transport (if applicable).
We anticipate the need for five additional high school sponsors for the 2013 school year. Additionally, Khaylihle requires many primary school sponsorships as well.

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