God's Golden Acre

 Are you looking for a completely new experience? Would you like to experience Zulu culture first hand? Do you have a skill you would like to share?

You could incorporate this into a working holiday in South Africa.

"Holiday with a purpose” is one of the ways you can support Gods Golden Acre and its work here in South Africa. We have facilities for groups to visit, and experience the Zulu culture and the beauty of South Africa, and at the same make a difference to the lives of those less fortunate than themselves.  During their stay, groups work can work on a specific project of their own choosing, like building a House of hope, doing maintenance on and upgrading an existing building, or being part of a youth development workshop programme; there are many options (photography, sewing, first medical response, electricity, motor mechanics, computer literacy etc). Participants spend time in the rural communities where we work, experiencing at first hand the problems faced by these communities.  Depending on timing, they may assist with one of our monthly food drops. At weekends we offer the group trips to the spectacular Drakensburg Mountains, or to a game reserve where the" big five" can be seen.

Houses of Hope
A direct way to help a family in the rural area of KwaZulu Natal is to sponsor and build a house for those who need it most.  GGA will find a family that is in urgent need, and prepare the building site before the group arrives. When the group arrives the slab is already laid, and the group can start laying bricks.
To work on a project like this, the group needs to stay at GGA for about 3 weeks. The total cost for the sort of house they are building is about R60,000 (about £ 5000). There are also other projects that need to be built or renovated, if your group cannot raise the full amount for a House of Hope.

Other Projects
Hands are always needed at God’s Golden Acre. If your group cannot stay for three weeks, but are willing to help with maintenance work on the premises of Gods Golden Acre Khayelihle Care Centre, there is always work to do...

If you would prefer to work in any other GGA programme, just contact God's Golden Acre South Africa, for more information - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This is an experience of a lifetime.