God's Golden Acre

Help an orphan survive the effects of the HIV pandemic

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As a supporter of this programme, you can make a difference to one very needy child in the rural areas of KwaZulu Natal. The idea is to support a child in a very needy family through its school years. It is education that makes the difference. Without this sponsorship, these children might not go to school or even survive at all.

The Sponsorship

You will be paying for a monthly food parcel which helps feed the child and family for the month. The contents of a standard food parcel are: 10kg maize meal, 10kg samp, 5kg beans, 500g sugar, 500g salt, 400g of soya mix, 750ml oil, 1 bar of laundry soap, and 100 tea bags. These items are chosen because they are commonly used staples in the communities we work with.  The family sponsorship gives the option of a larger food parcel. The rest of the money is used to pay for school fees. These costs vary according to which school the children attend.  This means that occasionally there needs to be some flow between individual sponsorships within the scheme as a whole.

As a sponsor you will be sent a profile of your child or family, and then a yearly update on their progress. 

If you would like to visit your sponsored child or family, we may be able to arrange it.  The easiest time to meet them is on the monthly food drop, which is usually in the second week of the month. We encourage sponsors to come meet their sponsored children.
We try had help families become as self sustainable as possible to avoid creating dependency. We help them apply for government grants when possible, encourage them to grow food themselves, or look for work.  If a family is headed by a child, we help pay their school fees..  We always hope that a family’s circumstances will improve, so that they no longer need sponsorship; in this case We may ask  if we can transfer your sponsorship to another needy child.  This is important to avoid developing a culture of dependency, and to ensure that we direct our help to those who need it  most.


The monthly sponsorship in South Africa is R200.00, in Europe 22 Euros and in the U.K. 22 pounds to sponsor a child. Please get into contact with us to find out more. The sponsorship programmes are mostly organised by our partner organisations, “Friends of God's Golden Acre”, in various countries, to make things like money transfers easier for everyone. Please contact your Friends of Gods' Golden Acre  in your country (if existing) first. You are also welcome to contact the programme coordinator in South Africa.

Coordinator South Africa: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.